Bently Nevada, a Baker Hughes Business: The Go-to Condition Monitoring Solution in Wind Energy

Top 10 Wind Energy Solution Companies - 2020

Wind power is gaining traction around the world as a significant source of renewable energy and electricity. It is cost-competitive, and consistently comes in at or below the current market rate for electricity. Onshore wind farms are the most common, but the growth of offshore wind farms is increasing, although they are more costly to implement. Onshore wind farms do give a higher power production due to stronger and more consistent winds out at sea.

There are already numerous corporations, businesses, farms, schools, and entire communities harnessing wind power to fuel their energy needs. Since wind turbine systems come in a wide range of sizes, they can cater to a variety of energy requirements. Wind energy offers many benefits, which explain why it is one of the world’s fastest-growing sources of energy.

The wind energy sector is set for a development boom in the coming years. Nations worldwide are getting ready for a substantial expansion in renewable energy to offset concerns over energy security and meet strict environmental goals and strategies.

In this edition, we have listed the top wind energy solution providers that have transformed the wind energy industry in recent times and turned quite a few heads. The solutions offered by these companies, help its customers to cover the entire spectrum of wind energy projects, and also enable them to maximize their return on investments.

We present to you Energy Tech Review’s “Top 10 Wind Energy Solution Providers - 2020.”

    Top Wind Energy Solution Companies

  • Delivering software and hardware for predictive maintenance, Bently Nevada leverages 60+ years of expertise and ingenuity. The company’s integrated and scalable condition monitoring solution ADAPT.Wind, enables the wind turbine manufacturers as well as farm owner-operators to intelligently manage wind farm assets, increase availability, and decrease maintenance expenses. The ADAPT. Wind software incorporates the intelligence of System 1 software, the company’s industry-leading optimization, and diagnostic software platform.

  • Fischer Block, Inc., has created new asset health monitoring technology which combines advancements in electrical signature analysis (built over decades) with IoT, Machine Learning, and Big Data statistics as the backbone of their solution. Conforming to the strictest of industry standards (IEEE-519, IEC6100-4-7/30, and others), they pride themselves on being able to detect even the most subtle clue of a component health problem, deep within the system, and many months before actual failure.

  • Geronimo Energy, a National Grid company, positions itself as a holistic entity that emphasizes local economic growth through the development of renewable energy projects. They develop renewable energy projects throughout the U.S. and seek to repower America’s grid by adopting a model that reignites local economies. The company provides solutions for utilities and corporations looking to harness renewable energy for business growth. With deep roots in agriculture, Geronimo prides itself on developing wind farms that are farmer-friendly, community-driven, and beneficial for rural communities. The company also believes in reigniting American rural communities in part through its community-driven approach.

  • ABJ Drones

    ABJ Drones

    ABJ Drones offers unrivaled experience and personalized support to industrial, governmental, and public safety organizations that seek drone solutions. From state-of-the-art imaging technologies to a global network of certified and professional drone pilots, their drone experts have specialized expertise and direct experience with a wide variety of flying platforms, cameras, sensors, software, and industries. It provides smarter, quicker, cheaper, and wind turbine blades with intelligent data on internal damages.

  • Cyberhawk


    Cyberhawk uses remotely-operated aerial vehicles to conduct aerial inspection and surveying. Cyberhawk carries out close visual and thermal inspections of industrial properties on and offshore, such as flares, wind turbines, and electricity pylons. Results are through its innovative, data-agnostic, visualization software iHawk, seamlessly linking geospatial, IoT, and third-party data to provide an intuitive and convincing user experience. Cyberhawk Innovations serves clients from around the world. The Company offers visual asset management and aerial inspection of industrial sites for oil, gas, petrochemical, and utility companies.

  • eWind Solutions, Inc.

    eWind Solutions, Inc.

    eWind is generating a cost-effective airborne wind energy system (AWES) - a wind energy generation system that accesses more consistent, reliable winds at higher altitudes. Their technology makes use of wind energy generated by an airborne system consisting of a rigid wing attached to a tether that spins a generator on the ground. The flying craft operates at an average of 100 meters above sea level. This higher altitude allows them to access stronger, more reliable winds in more locations. Additionally, the aerodynamic forces exerted on the flying craft are harnessed to pull the tether harder, generating more power.

  • Goldwind


    Goldwind manufactures and sells wind turbine generators. The company provides wind energy solutions, research, and development resources, and wind power technology services, as well as wind power project development, sale, and technology transfer services. Goldwind USA operates all over the world. Goldwind has a workforce of 8,000 worldwide, including 2,000 + R&D engineers. Today, global wind turbines from Goldwind are helping the human community save 31.78 million tons of standard coal, minimize CO2 emissions by 104.32 million tons, and achieve 57 million cubic meters of reforestation.

  • Inaccess


    Inaccess Ltd. provides services related to infrastructure management. The Company develops and supports software and equipment designed to monitor and control solar power and telecommunications networks. The company designs, develops, and markets state-of-the-art products and solutions, which provide its partners' invaluable access to information, allowing them to maximize the viability and effectiveness of their investments through performance optimization and OPEX reduction. As of today, Inaccess systems manage over 4 GW of solar photovoltaic generation across 1,700 solar plants and over 10,000 telecom sites around the world.

  • SCADA International

    SCADA International

    Scada International offers consulting, engineering, and project solutions. The Company provides products and services that include execution of supervisory control and data systems, operation and maintenance, on-site installation, commissioning, power forecasting, and technical support for the renewable energy sector. Their intelligent solutions make reliable data from various sources available in real-time to customers worldwide. They strive to reduce complexity and offer solutions that optimize performance and competitiveness for their customers

  • ULC Robotics

    ULC Robotics

    ULC Robotics specializes in the production and engineering of goods for natural gas, automotive, and electric distribution markets. ULC Robotics is working with utilities and the energy industry to provide R&D, pipeline robotics, and advanced energy services. ULC also works to provide gas utilities and the energy sector with a variety of equipment and facilities such as camera inspections of live gas mains, robotic cast iron joint sealing in live gas mains, no-dig anode installation and robotic cased pipeline inspection

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